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India's Services 


All relaxer packages come with shampoo, customized treatment and style. Haircut not included. 

VIRGIN RELAXER -  This service is reserved for the natural hair guest receiving a chemical straightener for the first time or has more than 2" of new growth.  $250

RELAXER TOUCH-UP  -  This service is reserved for the natural hair guest receiving a chemical straightener applied only to 2" or less of new growth.   $215

RELAXER ON EDGES/HALO -  This service is for guests with short hair. Chemical straightener is applied only to the front hair line, sides and nape.   $190

Cut, Treat, Style

All cuts, treatments and styling services include a full consultation and luxury shampoo experience. 

THE BIG CHOP  -  First time cutting your hair at ij2 or it's time for an entirely new look. $150

​*style not included

ALL OVER HAIRCUT -   This service is reserved for existing clients only $115  *style not included

RESHAPE-  This service is for existing clients who wants focus on one section of an existing cut. $45*style not included

NATURAL PIXIE - styling for guest who have Pressed Crowns and relaxed sides and back. $150 w/o relaxer $190 w/relaxer ​





*Timing extension - this allows an additional 15 minutes of styling time for guests who have more length or density to their hair. 

Perfect Platinum Pixie - $485

RSVD for women with natural hair who wants a blonde, straight, Pixie. *Consult Required 

Not sure what to book? Let's talk digitally!

Add-on Color services 

All color services must be added to a relaxer or style package.

HIGHTLIGHTS - Customized dimensional color. * Consultation required for all new guests. $65+

ROOT COLOR TOUCH-UP/BASE COLOR -   This is for guests who want gray coverage or roots touch-up with less than 2" of out growth.  $65

DEMI-PERMANENT -  Great for clients who are chemically straightened. Gentle gray coverage can be safely added to a relaxer appointment.  $65

COLOR GLAZE-  For all guests, especially those coming out of braids into a silk press. It adds shine, locks in moisture, reduces frizz and seals the cuticle. $45

VIRGIN PERMANENT COLOR - This is for first time color guest who want color from roots to ends

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