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Hey Lovelies! Thanks for stopping in, I'm India! 

I am the proud owner of IJ2 Salon, with 31 years behind the chair. My clients benefit the most from my years of experience and a strong desire to always be fresh and current; Never stagnant. Continuing my education is of the most importance. Why Pixie Queen, you may ask? About ten years ago I decided to focus on the part of styling that brought me the most joy; Cutting! Pixies are my favorite! 

I am a short hair specialist who wears short hair. I am of the mindset "your clients should want to look like you!" and "your hair should be a walking billboard for what you do!"

I am a very happy wife and proud mother of a son who often finds himself at the center of my conversation. I love Christ, fashion, and interior design. All of which you'll notice when you come into the suite. 

When I am not in the salon you'll find me drinking a white chocolate mocha with soy (no whip), online shopping, or reading The Good Book. 

I am most known for caring for my guests and the integrity of their hair. My goal is to build long-lasting relationships with all my clients. I want everyone who sits in my chair to be confident and in love with the reflection, they see in the mirror. 

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She works willingly with her hands!

I've had an affinity for all things hair since childhood. I have followed my passion for nearly three decades, from humble beginnings to a licensed apprentice of IJ2 Salon of Walnut Creek, Ca. where I obtain top tier training. 

I take pride and patience with every client to achieve the best look and promote healthy hair. I'm always looking to enhance my skills through continued education while feeding my passion to make my clients feel and look beautiful. Currently, I am at the final stages of my apprenticeship and looking to obtain my cosmo license in the near future. As an apprentice, I'm pleased to take on new clients for the duration of the program and thereafter. 

I'm skilled in all kinds of hair techniques from  pixie haircuts, trendy bobs, to relaxed or natural, thermal styling, braids and faux locks. I've continuously advanced my knowledge in products and training to provide beautiful, healthy hair for my clients. I am pleased to take on new clients and dedicated to work diligently and efficiently to provide the best hair care, excellent service and professionalism to every client that sits in my chair. I look forward to servicing you! 

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